Strike Optic

Customer requirement

Customer, important harness supplier, demanded to develop a solution to transform a low cost tester into a premium tester.

The system must improve traceability and provide the database for real-time reporting.

Proposed solution / Constraints:

  • the system produced by us must not make any changes to the current tester

  • the system must be easy to mount and dismount on the tester

  • programming must be performed in both a Windows and Android application

Client tester with Strike Optic installed

Choose solution:

We have developed a system that integrates:

  • optical reading sensor (design and production Volt Bis) with radio communication to the control station.

  • control station (Volts design and production) - sends data to both the printer and a data server.


  • Optimization of human resources

  • Improved traceability

  • Real – time reporting database

  • Research and development outsourcing


  • Concept: Integrated solution – software, hardware, antenna.

  • Software – Windows and Android platform for programming the control station; C ++ and Java software

  • Hardware - (PCB + Soft) optical sensor construction and remote radio communication between sensor and control station

  • Design – making the optical sensor housing to meet specifications