RTMH v.2

Customer requirement:

An integrated functional system adapted as an ergonomic device used on the vehicle, pedestrian, and UAV (drone). It reads and sends data taken from 20,000 Inova Quantum sensors to the computing center.

Prototype level tested solutions:

  • pedestrian system

  • car mounted system

  • UAV mounted system (Drone)

Choose solution

For development and implementation in the current processes of the company, we choose the solution with UAV (drone).

To satisfy the reading times, we also made the UAV project.


  • Optimization of human resources

  • Reduce reading times by 30%

  • 20% cost reduction

  • R&D outsourcing (research and development)


  • Concept: Integrated solution - software, hardware, antenna, UAV (drone);

  • Software - communication with Inovable sensors), sending data to the control centre (GSM, WIFI);

  • Hardware - PCB construction (electronic board) - we obtained the reduction of the volume and mass of the device by 70%;

  • Drone - UAV construction (drone) - autonomy 40 minutes, minimum distance covered 20 km;

  • Design - making the case to meet the specifications: weather conditions, handling, low mass.