Stimulates Industrial Ideas

bring your idea,

we find the solution!

What can we offer you?

1. Consulting services regarding the:

  • generation of a solution based on a rigorous expertise

  • customization of a product you already own

  • development of a solution or a product for a creative Start-up

2. Prototyping, which means that your idea will go through all the stages:

  • propose the solution

  • create the prototype and test it

  • validate the solution

3. Outsourcing services for small and medium companies that want to optimize a solution, a process or an internal product:

  • If you identify with our services, contact us. We analyse your requirement, we establish the budget together and we present you the development plan.

  • Also, if you want to find out more details about the services we offer and convince yourself that they are what you need, we invite you to visit the:

Who are we ?

A company eager to offer you a solution or a product, depending on your requirements and budget, providing you with our know-how in terms of hardware engineering, integrated software and industrial design.



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Room 41 Bucharest, ROMANIA


Graaf van Hoornestraat 55

Antwerpen, 2000 BELGIUM, Benelux


Program L - V

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